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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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and where there is good things they will vote for you and they will care ♪ supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon. look at what has happened on election day -- state election monitors. what kind of election do we want? i say we need a clean election. we need a trial, mr. president, an impeachment trial of mayor lee for election fraud, money- laundering, and sweetheart deals related to the central subway. these issues are not mine alone. these issues are raised by the city attorney. someone is not telling the truth. that is why we need an impeachment trial, and i urge my supervisor to call for an impeachment trial of mayor lee.
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let the sunshine in and have an impeachment trial so these issues can be vetted before the public. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am here to thank you for approving the funds for the adult day health program. i was on the committee that started the first adult day health program in chinatown in 1972, and then, we knew it was very unusual but for the first time, people could get -- supervisor chiu: excuse me. there is a rule in the chamber that we do not allow public comment i items we have already voted on. you want to speak about adult day health center is more broadly, that is permissible. >> the adult day health centers, what i was in washington in april, i noticed that the national organization of areas
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on aging was talking about how important adult day health would be to their work and transition from hospitals, and it certainly is important, and i think it is how you get out of a hospital earlier and how you still get the therapy you need, and i think the governor has forgotten that people get physical therapy. i would like to mention the example of one person i know who has been in adult day health and has just been removed, who was paralyzed from the neck down. he has a round-the-clock care, including his wife and two home attendance, and he goes to adult day health to learn how to get his mouth to his hands. if that is not important there be to be able to feed yourself, i do not know what is. i think they forgot when they removed it from the state budget that that kind of therapy is important, too.
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supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> presbyterian minister. who would 50 years in the church of rome, fascinating read. 550 pages long. i am on my sixth time through, which proves that abraham lincoln was assassinated by the jesuits. there is no doubt about it. abraham lincoln was charles chickee's best friend, charles was his best friend. there is no doubt about it. roman catholicism and islam are very similar religions. if you kill a christian, you get to go to heaven.
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in islam, if you kill a christian, you get 72 blushes virgins, but in roman catholicism, at the council of the turn, they determined that if you kill a christian -- they called them a fair to -- a h eretic -- you would go to paradise. time flies when you are having fun. i could easily go an hour. it is an amazing book, but i think of jazz with governor brown, who signed ab 48 that basically brands christians at the stake as the homosexual agenda is basically forced on christians view this wicked, weil abomination is forced on christians. truly, the day of judgment is coming. it really is. on family radio, they are reading a great book.
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there is a fellow also in the fox's book of martyrs. supervisor chiu: thank you very much. any other members of the public wish to speak in general public comment? >> hello. i just begin? thank you. i am it president of californians for electro reform. -- elect coral reform -- electoral reform. you're so it surprised the and then it has an interest even before the results of the election appeared in your first election, nine of you avoid a second run of the election you would have had to face under the
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old section. supervisor cohen would not even have been in the runoff, and supervisor chu the has the privilege of incumbency benefited because she did not have to plan for the possibility of a runoff election. it is not just supervisors who have benefited. so have taxpayers. san francisco paid out $7 million -- saved $7 million, and it is estimated it will save another $3 million this year. rather than repeal it, i suggest you follow the recommendations of your own voting systems task force. in section 244 of the report, they recommend that san francisco should reenergize its outreach. preliminary results should be released as frequently as results for non-pulmonary running and you increase the number of rankings voters are allowed to specify either with current equipment or whatever
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equipment eventually replaces it. i know you refer a two-year or five-year contract extension to dominion and the dominion does plan to introduce equipment, and until they do, you can take advantage of the authority you have to contract out the municipal portion of your elections. san francisco has benefited from right choice voting, and i suggest instead of ending it, you amend it. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hello, supervises. i am program director from self- help for the elderly about these services. i am coming here today to take an opportunity. we serve three different kinds of models of adult day health
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care, and i just want to say san francisco has been a leader in the resourced, and we continue this path and thank you for your leadership, and we will continue to use this as a precious community resourced to serve the community. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors, president. i am the program director for the san francisco long-term care ombudsman program, authorized by the state and federal mandate, to investigate abuse and neglect cases, to trouble shoot all the lessons loans from care facilities. i wish to enter into a discussion on item 16, written testimony -- supervisor chiu: excuse me, sir.
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i need to reiterate we cannot use general public, to comment on items we have already discussed and decided upon an already have public comment on. so if you could make your comments brought about the topic. >> all i want to do is enter written testimony into the record. supervisor chiu: you can submit whatever you want to the clerk. >> ok, thank you. supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. executive director of library users association. the vernal heights branch library mural went from a concern that restoring the front of it would cost $18,000 and where are we going to get that, to a very close process that came out the other end with a cost and a project 10 times the expense -- $185,000. and with a very nice little feature for the friends of the public library -- fiscal fee,
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$16,500, almost the whole cost of the original idea for renovating the mural right here on a blog site that talks about some of the aspects. and which, by the way, was never discussed at the library commission. never shown to the library commission as any kind of document for their consideration. that merrill has gone through a very -- that mural has gone through a very unn-public process, a close process -- a closed process. the library continues to fall down on basics. i have talked with you about the new print and copy system.
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the last time i was in a branch, there was a woman who could not add money to her card. she was not able to make a sample copy from a page in a book until the library and helped her on both. the man behind her and in front of me was not able to make a print of a document from his web page. there is also now apparently a privacy issue at the main current jobs and copies get mixed up. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? if there are, please step up. seeing none, general public comment is closed. could you please go to our adoption calendar? >> items 21 through 30 are being considered for immediate and unanimous adoption. a member request discussion of an item, it shall be considered separately. supervisor chiu: thank you.
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would anyone like to sever any of these items? seeing none, roll call on the balance of the calendar. >> on items 21 through 30 -- chiu aye. chu aye. cohen aye. elsbernd aye. farrell aye. kim aye. mar aye. mirkarimi aye. wiener aye. avalos aye. campos aye. mr. president, there are 11 aye.s supervisor chiu: those resolutions are adopted and the motion approve. we have two items left before our 3:00 special order. i suggest we recessed temporarily until 3:00 p.m. sharp
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>> welcome back to the board of supervisors meeting. we are now at 3:00 special order. >> 1930, the board of supervisors pursuant to the motion that was approved 1111-4. the proposed resolution for the authorizing of the redevelopment agency. renne casanave apartments, for 75 years, to develop housing for low-income formerly homeless residents. >> this is the ground lease for 25 essex street. and there is a non-substantive agreement. >> i am the acting director at
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the developing agency, and we have the ground lease for 25 essex street. this is the first project in the redevelopment to move forward. this is on the corner of fulsome and essex street, with 120 units of supported housing, with the department of public health and the housing program. and the ground-floor retail around fulsom. they were jointly selected by the department of public health. city-wide case management. they have worked hard to bring
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this to this point, to start construction, with the multi- family housing. the equity in the redevelopment funds, and we have reached this exciting place of approving the ground lease. the ground lease will continue in november. the board is required to consider the approval of the ground lease with the standard terms of the deal of the structure. this is 100% supportive housing, with the funds for these extremely low income individuals. the crown leases only $1 per year, with a minimum 75-year term. and is structured this way to ensure the long-term affordability for the site, to
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make certain that this remains affordable housing. i would like to ask to the board to consider the amendment, with additional language to be added to clarify the fact that the crowd -- the lease was entered into and executed before the redevelopment activities, and this is considered enforceable obligation. this concludes my presentation but we have staff from the community housing partnership and i am here to answer any questions as well. >> and are there any questions? can i ask the district -- district supervisor if there are any comments to make. otherwise we will go to public comment. -- >> i know that this happened before my time on the board of supervisors but this is one of the first residential buildings to go up under this plan.
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this will be 119 units of supportive housing for the most low-income individuals, with the support of services as well with the ground retail, and this is something the public really wanted to see with more activity at the ground-floor level. this is another side for the trans bay redevelopment area. -- >> we will open up the public hearing. and are there any members of the public to speak on this item? scene 9, the public hearing has been held and is now closed. we have been asked to make an amendment to the underlined resolution. is there a motion -- without objection, this will be made and on the underlying resolution as amended, we can take a roll-call
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votes. >> chiu? chu? elsbernd? cohen? kim? farrel? mar? mirkarimi, aye. avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. 11 ayes. >> the resolution is adopted as amended. can you read the in memoriam? >> we will adjourn at in the memory of the following individuals. janet swindler, and mr. jabbari allah. >> is there nay mor-- any more business? >> that concludes our business for today.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. tape 55 >> welcome, this is carl. >> great to meet you. >> great to me you, and i want to thank you for your interest and this is the city's animal shelter. and come in and a lot of people come here to adopt a animal or if they have lost their animal or looking for other animals. and we deal with other animals like birds and rabbits and you
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name it. this is more to see in this facility and more to see in the community. and i suggest you go with an animal control person and see what they co, whether rescuing animals in distress or hit by a car or dealing with aggressive animals or wildlife or a variety of things. you can only get that flavor with them and doing it first hand. >> i have been with animal control for about six years, i spent a year in the kennel and then the office came up and i started doing it and it really fit. it's really the job for me. and animals i have to handle and i know what i am doing, i rarely get scared. [whistle]. we do a lot of investigations
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and most are not as bad as people report but everyone once in a while they are. and i had one and people had moved out and the dog was in the inside and it makes me teary and when the dog is in the backyard, and i can pull an animal out of a horrible environment and feel good. >> where does this animal go after this? >> they go for the shots and then the kennel. >> and if they just found this, and once we enter everything in the computer and they can track to find out if the dog went back home. we hold them for five days.
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>> this is a stray dog and it came in today and we immobilize it and then put it in a room with food and water. >> and then evaluate for medical behavior and see if anyone is interested in adopting then. >> we want to be sure that their behavior is good for the average adopter and not aggression problem, toward people or animals. >> and if they growl and don't bite the hand, she passes that. and good girl, in case she has something in her mouth, we get it out. and one more test, called the startle test and it startled hear but she came to me.
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and passed the handling test. >> for the mental exam i feel for lumps and bumps. and the ears and see if they are infected and look at the eyes and be sure they are clear and don't have cataracts and look at their teeth and heart. this is the first job that i feel i make a dvrngs. -- difference. and we may do 40 to 80 animals a day for treatments. and do blood work and skin scrapings and cultures to diagnose different diseases. and x-rays, i can take an animal that would be euthanized at a different shelter and fix it and get it ready for a home. >> we have a partnership and we
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let a professional groomer run a private business from our facility and in turn grooms our shelter animals. what is the big deal of that? when someone comes to adopt an animal, if it looks good, chances are it will be adopted more. >> and we groom and clean the ears and the works. >> typically a shelter wouldn't have grooming? >> not at all. and these dogs are treated with the utmot -- utmost care that others can't provide. this is a shampoo to bring out the luster. and i feel satisfied in helping the shelter pets be adopted and
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to be a part of such a wonderful staff, from the top all the way down. if she passes our evaluation, she will stay until she's adopted. if you are interested in adoption and don't want to put them to sleep, that means at a last resort, we will give you a call before putting to sleep. you are not bound to the dog, and we would give you a call, and it's an actual adoption and cost $107 and it will be your dog. >> the volunteers to meet are the unsung heroes in this field that take the animals to hope and nurse them to get strong enough to come down and rehome. without volunteers, i would
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have to be honest to say this wouldn't be much more than a pound. we thank god that we have the number of committed people coming down and helping us out, it makes all the difference in the world. >> when you want to come in and volunteer, you go through a general orientation, about two hours. there is a lot of flexibility. and the various programs available, are baseline dog walking. you can work with the cats. you can work with tony's kitty rescue, with the small animals and guinea pigs and birds and chickens. >> you always have an appreciative audience. >> do you feel that what you have learned here helped you with your own dogs? >> the training they don't have? yes. and it's things that you learn,
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we usually outlive our dogs and every time you get a new one, you have skills to teach them. >> one of the programs is training program and it's staffed by a member of the community and one of the programs she has is dog socialization. >> we started this program for canine socialization. and all the dogs available for adoption get to play for two hours. and it's a time for them to get incredible exercise and play with other dogs and we have remedial socialization. and it's incredible the dogs and they get exercise and run and tumble and when most adopters come to look in the
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afternoon, they are quiet and settled. >> and i want come and someone sees a dog and loves it, it's quick. and after three weekends, i saw him and he connected and i connected and came back. >> what is your experience of working with the animals? >> unbelievable. from the guy that is came to the house and everyone here, they are friendly and knowledge believe and -- knowledgeable and they care about the animals. >> and it's a great place to visit and look at the animals and maybe fall in love and take one home. and look at our grooming
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program and volunteer program and many say, hey, this


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